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HTC Diamond Floor Pads


Diamond Pad for EZ Change Plate of HTC Grinding Machines


2pcs Metal Bond Round Shape Diamond Segments


Designed specifically for Concrete floor restoration professional, for quick removal of any materials, bonds Hard, Medium, or Soft available for kinds of concrete, used on EZ change plate of HTC grinding machines.


Round segment is less aggressive and leave a more subtle scratch pattern. Best for natural stone and terrazzo applications. Using round segment often makes for an easier transition into resin polishing pads.


Bond: Hard, Medium, Soft


Code No. Segment Size Segment No. Grit No. Base Specification
CD-HTC-MET-01 Dia.18mm, Height 12mm 2 #6, #16, #30, #40, #50, #60, #80, #100, #120, #150, #170, #200 Standard for EZ Change Plate of HTC grinding head



About EZ Change


No more seized, rusty or broken screws; in fact no screws are needed at all. EZchange is a revolutionary system for lighting-fast tools changes, and as the name indicates, it is extremely easy to change tools. The system consists of wings for metal-bond and Resin-bond diamond tools and a new kind of metal holder. You use the same holder for every type of HTC tool in the EZchange system. No need to have metal disks for all your various sets of diamond tools!

Position the tools in the compartments on the holder and with a light tap with a rubber hammer you’re ready to grind or polish a floor or remove coatings. The EZchange system is available for all HTC grinding machines.

The parts
The new tool holder and wing, the parts in the new EZchange™ system.

The perfect fit
Insert the wing in the holder tracks. There is only one way to do this.

The safe system
The tool is now prevented from being ejected forwards or backwards, the design si so smart.

The easy system
A light tap with a rubber hammer holds the tool firmly in place. You are ready for work!

The freedom of choice
You attach either 3 tools for a half set or 6 tools for a full set depending on the type of floor and desired removal rate.



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