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400mm Diamond Segments Marble Cutting


400mm Diamond Segments with 2 U Slot for Marble Cutting




Segment Size


Segment No.


Structure Material Cutting




with 2 U Slots


Taper or Flat

Marble, limestone and other soft stone


1. Why design this shape for marble segments?


The competition of normal segments is already very cruel in the world, this requests manufacturers to find more sales point and produce better performance products. According to the requirements of our customer from Italy, we studied the segment bond (powder component) and designed this shape segment by one week.


2. The other size segments of this shape is available?


This 2 U slot  shape is available for most size segments of saw blade diameter from 250mm-800mm with 10 or 12mm height. If the model is not available from our store, we need more days for the production.


3. What is the advantage of using this shape segments?


Under same segment bond condition, short length means less resistance when the segment is under cutting marble, 1 U slot is very good for the cutting speed, but 2 U slots will reduce the maximum resistance, and 2 slots is much helpful for fast coolant, due to these two reasons this shape segment can brings most efficient cutting speed, and cutting will be very smooth without chips.


This type segment is suitable for Europe market.



Easy and Free Cutting Kinds of Marble, Hard, Medium, Soft...


Silver Welding and Wet Use only.


The Above Products are not available from Store, the production needs about 15 days on receipt of Order Confirmation.

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