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We are supplying high quality Diamond Tools for stone, Concrete, Ceramic working industry. "ChinaDiamant" is one reliable Brand of construction Cutting, Polishing, Grinding, Drilling Tools in China.

Our products are not the cheapest, but high ratio of performance to price!

Promotion Products: 


5" (125mm) Cup Wheel

Double Rows, for Concrete

Segment 25x6x5mm, 11pcs

Outer 6pcs, inner 5pcs

Bore 22.23mm


110mm Diamond Saw Blade

Hot Sintered

Segments: 10mm, 10pcs

Specially for India Market

Most competitive product

USD1.10/pc or USD1.05/pc

1-3/8" 35mm dry core drill bit

1-3/8"(35mm) Drill Bit

For Granite, Dry Use

Segments Special Welding

Diamond Vacuum Brazed on Steel Pipe


4" Dry Polishing Pads

4" Dry Polishing Pads

Thickness: 2.1mm

Surface Hexagram Shape

8pcs/set, Grit: #50-Buff

Quality Guaranteed!

USD3.30/pc, USD26.4/set



What's :

Laser Welded Dry Cutting Blades - Turbo Segments with V Groove


Diameter: 5"(125mm), 7"(180mm), 9"(230mm)

Segment Height: 8mm, Segment Thickness: 2.4/2.6/2.8mm

Super Fast Cutting Speed

300mm Super Thin 1.2mm Ceramic Cutting Diamond Saw Blade


1.2mm thick segment for 1.0mm "J" Slot(Fish hook) steel core

High Frequency Silver Welded, Grit No.: D213, D252, D151, D181.

Resin Bond Diamond Fickert for Ceramic Polishing


Specification: 130x58x10mm(L x W x H)

Grit: #240 - #8000

Polishing Speed: 9-20M/minute, good polishing efficiency and life.

Suitable for automatic polishing machines with 20-48 heads.

400mm marble segments

A New Shape Design of Diamond Segments for Marble Cutting


400mm Diamond Segments with 2 U Slot for Marble Cutting

Standard Size: 40x3.8x10mm, 28pcs/set

Why design this structure? Other size is available?

What is the advantage of this design?

Standard Size of Granite Cutting Diamond Segments for India Market.



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16" 400mm silent granite saw blade 5" 125mm granite turbo blade

4"(100mm) Wet Polishing Pads

4" 100mm grinding cup wheel

dry granite drill bit

7" 180mm concrete grinding cup wheel

floor diamond polishing pads

HTC diamond floor pads




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