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Welcome to ChinaDiamant, a Professional Supplier of Diamond Tools in China! High Quality Stone Tools, Concrete Tools, Ceramic Tools!

Customer "Emmanuel" from Spain, your e-mail address is not working!

Category: Customers Noted, Issued by: admin, View:

Dear Emmanuel, kindly noted that you E-mail address is wrong, our quotation to you has been returned back as following: "The message to xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com is bounced because : SMTP error, RCPT TO: 550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist." so please send you correct contact information again.

Mr.Erik from Sweden gave us a new order

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Today Mr.Erik from Sweden gave us a new order. He ordered some concrete floor grinding & polishing tools and we made shipment at the beginning of Jan., 2011.

He said: "I am happy to inform you that I got the tool shippment today, and the tools looks good.
And soon I will get to try them. But I want to order more from you rightawey."

Though the new order amount is no more than USD2000, but he is really a good customer, I told him we will start holiday soon, then he send us the payment immediately and request us to make shipment as soon as possible.

Thanks for the following new customers on Dec, 2010

Category: What's New, Issued by: admin, View:

Thanks for the following persons joined our customers list.

Mr. Paul(Australia)
Mr. Vince(Australia)
Mr. Jeffrey(USA)
Mr. Erik(Sweden)
Mr. Albert(Nigeria)

They are trying our Floor grinding & polishing tools, diamond wire.

Safety Guide of Diamond Saw Blades

Category: Users Guide, Issued by: admin, View:

Follow the recommended blade specifications for material being cut. Make sure the blade shaft speed of the tools is within the maximum safe limit of that blade. Inspect diamond blade for damage prior to mounting.Mount the blade on the correct diameter shaft between proper blade flanges and securely tighten shaft nut with a wrench...

The Diamond Saw Blades Working Principle

Category: Users Guide, Issued by: admin, View:

Diamond saw blades come in a variety of sizes, types, and uses, ranging from small 6" blades used in angle grinders to massive 35" blades used in masonry construction. For every type of application there is a blade designed especially for it, which explains the large and still growing diamond blade industry...

Take Care of Your Saw Blades

Category: Users Guide, Issued by: admin, View:

Advice concerning the proper use and care of blades to ensure efficient use and long blade life. When operating a saw you can't go wrong if you let these ten rules guide you. Run Blades at the Right Speed - Recommended operating speed for diamond saw blades are between 8,000 and 11,000 surface feet per minute...

Faqs of Troubleshootings

Category: Users Guide, Issued by: admin, View:

You may meet and to provide appropriate means to fix or to avoid the problem. Check specification, Measure segment depth at four locations, Check for signs of overheating...


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