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Faqs of Troubleshootings

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Faqs of troubleshootings

you may meet and to provide appropriate means to fix or to avoid the problem.


What to Look For


Check specification

Look for possible misapplications check blade record.

Question operator's judgment in choice of blades.

Measure segment depth at four locations

Look for eccentricity (uneven segment depth).

Check machine bearings, check machine spindle alignment, check shoulder on arbor for wear and grooves.

Check for signs of overheating

Look for baked-on deposits of cutting swarf.



Look for excessive diamond crushing (by using a 7x loupe).



Look for loss of side clearance.

Water flow was not adequate. Operator might have tried to speed blade up by reducing water flow. This practice should be discouraged.


Water flow was not adequate. Introduction of water onto blade not located in proper area.


Water flow was not adequate (Aggregate may have been too hard for this specification.) Water flow was not adequate. Check spindle bearings. Check machine alignment.

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