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Take Care of Your Saw Blades

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Take Care of Your Saw Blades

Advice concerning the proper use and care of blades to ensure efficient use and long blade life.


When operating a saw you can't go wrong if you let these ten rules guide you.


Run Blades at the Right Speed - Recommended operating speed for diamond saw blades are between 8,000 and 11,000 surface feet per minute. Lower speeds are recommended for green concrete, and hard dense materials, such as granite. Higher speeds are recommended for cured concrete, asphalt and soft abrasive materials. When using large diameter blades it is mandatory to change sheaves in order to operate at recommended operating speeds.


Use Water - A good water flow equally on both sides of the blade of about four to five gallons per minute (not high pressure) is best. Hydrant pressure is more than required.


Mounting - When the blade is snagged up evenly with clean equal size flanges, which are free of burrs and rust, it runs straighter and truer for maximum cutting efficiency. Bad seating results in lopsided wear, egg shaped or burnt arbor holes.


Use the Right Specification - Through years of testing, special specifications have been developed to give the best cutting for each application. Green concrete, old concrete, bricks and clay, asphalt, etc., all have blades made especially for them. Make sure the blade is suited to your cutting job, and your blade will cut faster and easier while maintaining a longer life span.


Use Power - The more horsepower (torque, not pressure on the blade) supplied to the spindle, the more efficient the cutting action will be. Low horsepower may require a softer bond.


Regular Maintenance - Check you machine for bad bearings, or bent or worn shafts. These cause the blade to run out of round and create excessive stress and wear. Good machine maintenance will ensure longer blade life and easier cutting.


Don't Force the Blade - Excessive pressure on the blade will dull the diamonds, create stress in the steel core, and cause the blade to become out of round. On lighter saws, too much pressure causes the blade to rise out of the cut, and put excessive load on the engine. Just listen for that smooth cutting sound; when you hear that, you know the blade is cutting at its best.


Keep Blade Out of the Dirt - If you have to cut through the asphalt or concrete slab into the sub base, water loss will result and the abrasion of the sand will put extreme wear on both the steel core and the diamond segment.


Blade Tension - Each blade is tensioned by a smiting process to run true at the speed (RPM) of the machine on which it will run. Blades at higher or lower speeds than they are tensioned for will wobble or flutter, creating excessive side wear or core cracking. If your machine is other than standard be sure to tell us your spindle RPM.


Keep Cuttings Flushes Out - The cuttings if not properly flushed out of the cut will abrade both the matrix, and the steel core resulting in shorter life. Be sure to maintain sufficient water flow.

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