• afrim posted at 2010-1-7 23:31:49
  • 1 - Diamond segmets for Granite Stones length 400mm * 12mm Width * 3.4mm thickness for 40cm disks
    please inform us about your lowest prices as soon as possible.
    edite by afrim 6.01.2010
    product plz sent this bit price
    ich bruche bitte pulir liste fur blatter was pulirt mit wasser von anfang biss fertig
    product plz sent this bit price
  • Nitin posted at 2010-4-10 2:04:28
  • I am buyer
    Can you give me a detail of wholesaler in India
  • vivekbagla posted at 2010-4-16 14:32:10
  • dear sir, we are contractors of roads in India. we want to bye concrete cutter blade of size 350mm having segment size length 25mm, width 12 mm, hight 15 mm. can u give me rates and minimum order quantity plz. thanks and regards
  • waleed posted at 2010-5-5 0:40:10
  • HI
    I saw your product on the Internet. And I work in this area. And I need to diamonds SEGMENT. Cut marble. I use all sizes. But I want the diamond segment the size of 40 * 8 * 12 mm. This type is required. Provided that the rapid cutting and longer life.
    Please reply
    Thank you

  • num posted at 2010-7-21 16:53:46
  • We want to order from us you can order by
    How can we the Thai people will be able to order from dealers in
    Thailand or not, please guide us.
    We are in the business of polishing concrete.
    Please contact with
  • martin posted at 2010-7-26 22:42:59
  • could you please send me a price list for HTC diamonds. i need the whole set for HTC420 model2010.

    thank you
  • nayanpatel posted at 2010-8-9 0:47:48
  • Dear Sir,

    We are interested to purchase Diamond Segment which is use for dimond roller of sizing and cutting of tiles.
  • Amadeo posted at 2010-10-5 1:11:10
  • Dear Sirs!
    Could You send me please the price list for HTC diamonds. i need the whole set for HTC500 model2010.
    Resin Bond
    For EZ Change of HTC Head

    Metal Bond
    For EZ Change of HTC Head

    Metal Bond
    For EZ Change of HTC Head

    could You pls send me more technical details.
  • Dheerendragehlot posted at 2010-11-8 12:59:31
  • Dear sir
    I want know who is supplier of Diamond Segments in india. I want buy Diamond Segments. please send me your supplier of Diamond Segments"s address, contact no. email id.
    Dheerendra gehhlot
    Edited by admin at 2010-11-8 22:21:33
  • CooperTau posted at 2010-12-6 15:03:59
  • Our company was established in 1993. We are a group company consisted of diamond tools company, stone company and machinary company. Our company is the top ten diamond tools company in china. Our products include diamond segments, circular blades, wire saw, grinding tools etc.
    If u are intersted, pls feel free to contact us.
    Best regards
    Cooper Tau
    86 0595 22498327

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