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11.5mm Diamond Wire

for Granite Quarry Cutting


11mm Diamond Wire Saw

for Concrete Cutting


800mm Wall Cutting Saw Blade

with Slant Matrix Segments


400mm Diamond Segments

W Shape for Granite Cutting


600mm Diamond Segments T-Step

Shape for Granite Cutting


2000mm Diamond Segment

for Granite Sandstone Cutting


16"(400mm) Diamond Saw Blade with

Slant-Groove Segments for Granite


18"(450mm) Diamond Saw Blade

for Marble Cutting


14"(350mm) Horizontal Cutting

Diamond Saw Blade for Granite


125mm Concave Saw Blade

for Granite


110mm Continuous Rim Dry Cutting

Saw Blade for Granite


125mm Dry Cutting Saw Blade

for Granite with Protective Teeth


230mm Dry Cutter

with Protecting Teeth & Flange


180mm Laser Welded Dry Cutter

with V Slot Turbo Segment


10"(250mm) Diamond Saw Blade with

Fishhook Slots for Porcelain Cutting


4"(100mm) Grinding Cup Wheel

for Granite & Hard Stone


5"(125mm) Grinding Cup Wheel with

T Segments for Concrete


Redi Lock Diamond Grinding Pad

with 8 Shape Segments







We are supplying diamond tools in China for the stone, concrete, ceramic working industry, started from 2003, nearly 20 Years' experiences of exporting diamond tools to more than 80 countries in the world!

We offer an exhaustive list of hot-press sintered, high-frequency welded and laser welded tools such as diamond saw blades, diamond segments, diamond wire saw, diamond Fickerts, diamond grinding tools, diamond profile wheels, diamond polishing pads, diamond drill bits, diamond finger bits, diamond rollers, etc.

High quality product, perfect service, thinking more for customers, meeting the latest needs of the market is the key to our development.






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